To be appointed as a Member of the Academy of the Tailors happens after a thorough examination of the merits acquired during one’s life work. An essential element is that he has to have a good professional reputation, achieved thanks to a good activity done with passion, following the evolution of the craftsman sartorial art. Besides, it is taken into consideration his social behavior and what he produced during his year of work to transmit disinterestedly the cultural heritage acquired in order to let the Tailoring go on and to spread in Italy and abroad.
To be admitted to the Academy, the person concerned has to file an application form which asks for a curriculum.profile-01
The application form has to be signed by the Regional Representative and by two Members of the Academy who guarantee what is declared.
The application form has to arrive at the Academy Presidency, that, after a close investigation, will ask an opinion to the Regional Representative who will have to collect all the necessary information about the social behavior and about the qualification of the person concerned.